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Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Loved the Aprils Fools’ Day story

posted: 4/24/2016

Re: Imperial Beach angler catches fish helps rescue stranded boater (March 25 issue). I live in IB so I had to let my friends know that this guy was my next door neighbor to add to it. Great to have a little fun!

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Small boater owner chimes in on DP RFQ

posted: 4/9/2016

Re: County releases request for qualifications for Dana Point-Harbor (March 25 issue). I hope the county specifies, in any contract that the fees cannot be increased without county approval nor more than the COL maximum. The average working person owning smaller boats has a hard time as it is affording his boating activities and many would not be able to continue if prices increased.

Wayne Ford
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A boater’s thoughts on Avalon shoreboat

posted: 3/28/2016

A boater’s thoughts on Avalon shoreboat

Re: Avalon to solicit new vendors for shoreboat service (March 11 issue). I wouldn’t mind using my dingy to go ashore in off season times. However, there has always been a shortage of dock space. 

Coastal Commission need not explain why, they can simply do

posted: 3/12/2016

Coastal Commission need not explain why, they can simply do

Re: Editorial: California Coastal Commission plays it close to the vest (Feb. 26 issue). The executive director serves at the pleasure of the commissioners and can be removed at any time. The commissioners don't have to explain their actions on personnel matters. All we need to know is that Lester was no longer meeting the needs of the commission and was let go. The "why" doesn't matter and is not the public's business.

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Editorial: California Coastal Commission plays it close to the vest

Editorial: California Coastal Commission plays it close to the vest

Parimal M. Rohit  |  posted: 3/3/2016

A heads up poker hand involving the California Coastal Commission on one side of the table and the state’s electorate on the other would make for stellar television.

Comments -- Feb. 26 edition

posted: 2/28/2016

Why the secrecy?

Re: Coastal Commission dismisses executive director (Feb. 12 issue). Take the commission to court; demand transcripts of closed door meetings. 

Comments -- Feb. 12 edition

posted: 2/14/2016

Setting the record straight on NOAA’s proposed national marine sanctuary

The Log previously erroneously reported that a proposed national marine sanctuary off of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties would restrict boaters and anglers. 

Comments -- Jan 29 issue

posted: 2/2/2016

Ordinance inspections

Re: San Miguel Island expected to be open for public access in 2016 (Jan. 15 issue). Yeah! Since it is a national park you cannot utilize a metal detector to inspect your path or campsite. Happy camping!

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Comments -- Jan. 15 edition

posted: 1/19/2016

Measure Y

Re: Ardell properties on Mariners Mile are potentially up for sale (Jan. 1 issue). There is absolutely nothing in Measure Y that could not be performed without it being on the ballot. Council can allow for this area to be developed. It is not a difficult process, and it is far less complex and less expensive than passing a sweeping proposal like Measure Y. Whoever you got that information on, do not trust them again. They have an agenda and are making you look like a fool.

Robert Johnson
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Comments Jan. 1 issue

posted: 1/5/2016

Second anchorage is needed

Re: Future of Newport Harbor’s second public anchorage uncertain (Dec. 4 issue). Is it fair to evaluate the demand for an anchorage based on a two-month trial run? 

Comments -- Dec. 18 edition

posted: 12/22/2015

Ventura will be beautiful

Re: Ventura Harbor Marina and Yacht Yard moving forward with expansion plans (Dec. 4 issue). Can you imagine how Beautiful Ventura would be if they developed the area around the harbor? 

Comments -- Dec. 4 edition

posted: 12/6/2015

Save Harbor Park

Re: OC issues RFP for Dana Point sailing center (Nov. 20 issue).  The Orange County Sailing and Events Center is located in the West Basin of Dana Point Harbor, next to Baby Beach. It is a community center that is home to various non-profit and low-profit organizations that provide recreational and educational opportunities to the community such as sailing and paddling instruction and low-cost watercraft rental. 

Comments -- Nov. 20 issue

posted: 11/22/2015

Sick of environmentalists

Re: Coastkeeper seeks to replenish Southern California oyster reefs (Sept. 25 issue). No kidding Maxx but hey these folks are using tax payer money getting grants from the government.

Comments, Nov. 6 edition

posted: 11/9/2015

Use eminent domain and be done with it

Re: Huntington Harbour fuel dock shut down (Oct. 9 issue). Come on HB, use the powers of Eminent Domain and seize the fuel dock using "safety" as an argument. 

Comments -- Oct. 23 edition

posted: 10/26/2015

Interested observer 

Re: Coastkeeper seeks to replenish Southern California oyster reefs (Sept. 25, 2015 issue). Good luck. Look what happened when the current administration, under Salazar, totally shut down the Drake's Bay Oyster Company, in Marin County, this year, for perceived environmental violations that were outright fabrications.

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